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Larry and Mary Berman
PO Box 265
Russellton, PA 15076 USA

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Other developed web site we own:
Digital Imaging Resources and Web Design by Larry Berman and Chris Maher. Contains the articles we write for Shutterbug Magazine.
Professional sports photographs from the mid 1970's specializing on the ABA New York Nets and Julius Erving "Dr J".
Digital color infrared medically oriented photographs
Digital Color Infrared Photography - an original style developed by Larry.
An experimental web site that explores the possibilities of being able to jury an art show through a web site.
Compares 20 different graphics programs and how well they create compressed jpegs. Any two programs can be compared side by side to see the difference in jpeg artifacts.
A World War II web site built for my father. Contains all the letters he wrote home during the war.
Home of our teddy bear photographs I sold for years at art shows.
A resource web site containing over 500 links to other teddy bear sites.
A Catholic oriented web site for my mother-in-law. Contains descriptions and pictures from all her trips.


Digital Jury Services for Artists and slide scanning for ZAPP

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Photography by Larry and Mary Berman
PO Box 265
Russellton, PA 15076 USA
e-mail Larry Berman

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