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Mary and Larry, Summer 99
Welcome to our home on the web…

It all began in June 1987 in my hometown of Pittsburgh. Larry was exhibiting and selling his photographs at the Three Rivers Arts Festival when he had a life altering experience. He met me! OK, I’m half-kidding, because I felt the same way about meeting him. At the time I had given up on men completely but seeing Larry’s photographs of teddy bears and baby animals made me realize that here was a man not afraid of showing his sensitive side.

By October Larry had moved to Pittsburgh and we were married. After 12 years we continue to be each other’s better half. Before you start gagging, believe me, we have had our share of heated arguments but manage to kiss and make-up and get on with our work.

Which brings me back to why you are visiting our web site … the photographs. The teddy bears have become our children and we always send them on really great vacations so Larry can take their picture. We love knowing that all age groups understand and enjoy the whimsy and light-hearted nature of our work. I remember the time a CEO of a major corporation ordered the photograph of the “Teddy Bears Leaning on Skis” for his office. He said his wife has a smaller version in the kitchen of their home and looking at it always makes him smile.

After a few years we decided that it was time to experiment. While we continue our “Fun” work, we have added another dimension with Larry’s travel and still life photographs. So our home has become our studio and together we dream up new ideas to work on.

Hope you enjoy our site!

Mary Berman

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