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Download Screensavers from our Photographs

The New York, Light House and Southwest screensavers contain a nag screen that will go away with the purchase of an optional $5 license but it will still run for free. The Gardening Tools and China screensavers have a built in 3 day timeout but we're offering the license for $5.
Aside from the payment methods listed in the screensaver instructions, payments can also be made through PayPal. My account is my e-mail address:

Screensavers from our Color Infrared images are also available

Download (1.24 meg) New York Screensaver
from our New York Gallery

made up of these nine classic images.
Download (1.4 meg) Southwest Screensaver
from our Southwest Gallery

made up of these ten images
from Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley,
Bryce Canyon, and Arches National Park
Download (1.1 meg)  Light House Screensaver
from our Light House Gallery

made up of these nine images.
Download (1.2 meg)  Gardening Tools Screensaver
from Still Life Gallery 5

made up of these nine images.
(The instructions say it cost $9.95 but we're selling the license for $5)
Download (850K) our China Screensaver
from our China Gallery
made up of these seven images
(The instructions say it cost $9.95 but we're selling the license for $5)

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